Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New & Improved *Ultra Concentrated* Blog!

So, getting back to the point of the past two posts that never to the point, I've swallowed the Kool-Aid. Follow me on Twitter!  @tweetmarguerite

It's just like a blog, only ... less words! Like Ultra Concentrated dish soap. I can't guarantee that anything I say will be interesting, but I can guarantee that it will be brief.
Placing a collect call to Melmac ...
I'm hoping to offset the very unfortunate closing of the SETI Institute, which for years has sent out, and sought out, radio signals that attempt to connect with other intelligent life forms. Sadly, if aliens are out there, they seem to be screening their calls. So far, nobody's picked up on the algorithms and coded messages we've been sending out into space.

Probably because the mesages are bor-ing! 
And using radio signals?? You'd might as well try to contact the aliens on Friendster. Or MySpace.

Get with the program, Scientists. The aliens have moved on to Twitter. Why not send a billion little messages into the abyss, each 140 characers? Then, bide your time waiting for a response that will  probably never come because there's nobody out there in the first place...

It'll be almost like having a blog.

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