Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blog-a-thon: Redux

The Blog-a-thon is back on, bitchez!

Due to the generous underwriting of Anonymous—who pledged $100 in support of an organization that promotes the welfare of physically and mentally handi-capable Chihuahuas—I am officially re-launching the 30 Days of Blogging. Whether you like it or not.
This little guy is depending on me. Otherwise, he may never learn to spell.
Now, don’t be jealous of all the attention Anon is getting. Or of all the endorphins that are undoubtedly running through his/her brain as a result of this rock-star pledge. You, too, can have a feel-good chemicals pumping through your veins by stepping up TODAY and making your pledge in any amount!

Come on. You know you want to.
This manatee knows you will make a pledge today (via:
Why the Blog-a-thon? By knowing some manatee/chihuahua/polar bear, etc. is depending on my blogging to get the money, I’ll be sure to write some stupid post each and every day.

Who gets the Blog-a-thon money? You choose. It can go to orphans, dolphins, canine literacy, whatevs. Just not any group that's actively trying to prevent two same-sex manatees (or any other same-sex mammals) from getting married, plzkthx.

What do you get for your pledge? Every day, you’ll have a few minutes of salient commentary on the issues that matter to us all, such as the refinancing of the Euro and/or rising tensions in Yemen and/or videos of Adorible Kittehs With Heads Stuk in a Box!1!!
I’m here to help YOU meet your needs as a procrastinator. Won’t you be here for [insert charity]? Say, the Association to Prevent Procrastination? (Does that exist?? I was going to Google it, but I haven’t gotten around to it…)

Like the manatee above, I believe in you. And I thank you for your generosity. 

And did I mention that your hair looks great today?

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