Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Damn Manatees, and other would-be band names

So, the blog-a-thon is on hold until I get some pledges for the damn manatees (see previous post). I'm serious, y'all.

An aside: as far as I know, there's not a band called the Damn Manatees -- a fact that makes me wish to god I could sing or play an instrument. Of course, a total lack of musical ability never stopped the likes of Jerry Garcia, so there's still hope that someday I, too, will have an ice cream named after me.

In the meantime, if you're still hungry for content written by the future Vocalist and Lead Triangle Player for The Damn Manatees (oh, who am I kidding? It would have to be the bass triangle), check out this week's Crow interviews over at Capitol Hill Seattle, this blog's hipper and more popular counterpart.

It'll be like when you were in high school, and in the summer you visited your cool cousin who had a fake ID and could drive a car...if he/she had been a website.

And, if you're wondering about my alter-ego as The Crow -- YES, I do all of these dressed like Brandon Lee in the role by the same name. Occasionally, even in the funeral home-turned-hipster-bar where Steve McQueen once carried Lee's father's coffin to a hearse.

Me, ready for some local on-the-street interviews...
Amazingly, there are people (based on the comments) who didn't seem to get that I made up the first interview out of whole cloth (with the permission of the guy whose photo I took, whose ride showed up pretty much immediately). I would've thought the italicized, "so I can just make something up?" would've been a clue. Or possibly repeating, at the end, "Are you sure you won't mind if I make up an entire conversation?"

I guess that was too subtle...

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